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New Tulsa, OK Pest Control

Protecting New Tulsa Homes & Businesses Since 1989

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Pests are a problem for anyone living in Oklahoma, especially for those living in a small town like New Tulsa. If given the opportunity, pests will live inside any home or business to take advantage of the food, water, and shelter it offers. To protect your New Tulsa property from pests, turn to the pest control experts at Montgomery Exterminating. We have been protecting homes and businesses from pests since 1989. We are a local company that solves local pest problems. To discover how we can work together to protect your family and property from the pests that also call New Tulsa home, contact Montgomery Exterminating today. 

Residential Pest Control In New Tulsa, OK

At Montgomery Exterminating, our goal is simple, to protect your home from pests. The residential pest control options we offer New Tulsa residents include: 

  • Year-round Home Pest Control Programs

  • Termite Control

  • Outdoor Living Program

  • Rodent Control

  • Mosquito Control

  • Gopher and Mole Control

  • Flea and Tick Control

We have been serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area for over 30 years. Call Montgomery Exterminating today to begin protecting your home and family from dangerous, damaging, and annoying pests!


Problems Gophers And Moles Cause In New Tulsa, OK

Gophers and moles are common garden pests that live throughout Oklahoma. They are difficult to prevent and to control and can turn your lawn and landscape from being beautiful to appearing unsightly in a short period of time. 

  • Moles spend almost their entire lives living under the ground, tunneling through the soil, searching for and feeding on earthworms and other insects. Their tunnels can create small cave-ins in your lawn and damage to the roots of grass, shrubs, bushes, and other plants.

  • Gophers create intricate tunnels. Their tunnel entrances and exits are usually marked by large piles of dirt which can make mowing difficult in addition to being a trip hazard. Gophers feed on the roots of grasses and plants, causing significant damage to them. Also, gophers can chew through underground wires and cables.

To protect your yard from damaging moles and gophers Montgomery Exterminating offers effective solutions. Our mole and gopher control service includes a thorough inspection to determine which species is damaging your yard, treatment, and follow-up services to ensure they don’t return. To learn more about working together to get rid of moles or gophers from your New Tulsa property, reach out to Montgomery Exterminating today.


Commercial Pest Control In New Tulsa, OK

Montgomery Exterminating offers customized commercial pest control solutions to meet the pest control needs of your unique New Tulsa business. No matter your industry, we can protect your reputation, customers, employees, and facility from dangerous and damaging pests. Examples of some of the industries we serve are restaurants, shopping centers, country clubs, warehouses, and hospitals. Montgomery Exterminating is committed to our customers and committed to solving your specific pest problems using the latest technology and most effective pest management solutions. Call us today to begin protecting your business from pests with the help of the experts at Montgomery Exterminating. 


Why Mosquito Control Is Vital In New Tulsa, OK

Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading serious and potentially debilitating diseases and parasites to people and animals. In our area they are known to spread St. Louis encephalitis, LaCrosse encephalitis, West Nile virus, western equine encephalitis, and eastern equine encephalitis. They are also responsible for spreading canine heartworm which, if not treated, can be fatal to dogs. Controlling the number of mosquitoes that are allowed to breed and feed on your property is vital in protecting your family and pets from the threats that mosquitoes pose. 
At Montgomery Exterminating, we can reduce mosquito numbers on your property through our mosquito control services, which include:

  • Seasonal Mosquito Treatments - They are performed monthly from May-September.

  • Outdoor Living Program - Seasonal mosquito treatment plus year-round protection against common household pests. 

  • One-time Mosquito Treatment - Provides protection against mosquitoes before hosting a big event. 

To discover which of our mosquito control options is the best choice for your family and New Tulsa property, give Montgomery Exterminating a call today.


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