Problems Moles Cause In Oklahoma

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mole digging hole in lawn

If you are watching as your landscape is slowly, or maybe not-so-slowly, being destroyed by tunneling moles, you are probably searching for strategies on how to get rid of those moles so you can save your property. In this article, we will focus on some of the tactics people have taken that are not very effective at stopping moles--and one strategy that is sure to work.

What Are Moles?

These small mammals are often considered pests because of their digging habits in gardens and lawns. They have cylindrical-shaped bodies, short necks, and elongated heads. Their limbs are short and powerful, with front feet that are much larger than their hind feet. A typical mole weighs around 4 ounces and measures approximately 6 inches long. These little animals are characterized by hairless snouts, tiny eyes, and no visible ears.

Moles usually inhabit grasslands, urban areas, gardens, sand dunes, woodlands and other areas where there is soil to tunnel through. Tunnels dug by moles are often used by several generations of moles and serve more than one purpose. They are used as routes to get from one area to another, and they provide living spaces. These living spaces are usually created at the end of a tunnel and are hollowed out areas. They are used for bedrooms, living chambers, and food-storage chambers.

Why Moles Are A Problem For Home And Business Owners

  • The unsightly mess left by tunneling: As mentioned, moles dig through soil. When they do this, they can create round, symmetrical, volcano-like mounds throughout a property. These tunnels can appear on the surface like zig-zag lines, veins, or other patterns. These raised lines may also appear along the edges of concrete walkways or other borders.

  • Damage done to trees and ornamentals: Moles will also chew on trees and ornamentals, leaving an eyesore and possibly killing the tree or plant. Moles also damage plants and trees by chewing on or around the root systems.

  • Possible rabies transmission: Moles are known to bite on rare occasions and they are capable of carrying the rabies virus. Be wary of any wild animal that is not afraid when approached. Animals behaving this way may be infected with the rabies virus.

  • Moles carry parasites: While pets will often be the carriers of parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites or lice, into homes, moles and other wild animals are responsible for bringing those parasites into yards in the first place.

Do-It-Yourself Mole Strategies Are Often Ineffective Or Dangerous

  • Baiting and trapping: When implemented by an untrained person, this method can appear somewhat effective, if moles are caught. But, if all the moles are not caught, then you can find yourself in a never-ending circle of trapping, as moles reproduce, and others move onto your property. Traps can also be dangerous for children and pets if they are not properly taken care of.

  • The use of mothballs: Pouring mothballs into mole holes won't do any good. If the mole finds the smell offensive, he will simply dig more tunnels where there are no mothballs, extending the damage to your property.

  • The use of water: Flooding tunnels using a garden hose won't be effective either. At best, the moles in that particular tunnel will move out temporarily until the tunnel dries up, or they will simply dig new tunnels.

  • Poisons: Poisons typically don't work to kill moles because most of the time moles simply won't eat it.

How Montgomery Exterminating Can Help

By partnering with Montgomery Exterminating, you can be free of lawn-destroying moles for good. First, a thorough inspection will be performed by one of our specially trained pest control professionals, and a plan of action will be developed. Second, we will remove all moles using methods developed by industry experts. Finally, after the initial problem has been effectively taken care of, if you choose monthly service, we will return each month to make sure that your property continues to be free of mole activity. You do not have to keep spending time, energy, and money repairing your property because of this preventable problem. Reach out to us today for professional mole control in Tulsa and throughout our Oklahoma service area.