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What do silverfish look like?

Silverfish have a very unique appearance that makes them fairly easy for homeowners to identify. Silverfish have a tear-drop shaped body that is brown in color, with three distinctive bristle-like appendages protruding from the hind-end of their body; they also have two very long antenna. Their bodies are typically brown in color and are covered in silver scales, giving them a shiny, shimmery appearance. Silverfish are wingless, but are able to move very quickly using a wriggling, fish-like motion. Young silverfish or nymphs look very similar to the adult, but are just smaller in size.

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Are silverfish dangerous?

The silverfish’s less than cuddly appearance leads many people to believe that they are much more dangerous than they really are. Silverfish in our homes really pose no danger to people or pets; they do not sting, bite, or transmit any known diseases. However, any silverfish living inside of your home should be quickly eliminated because they can become damaging to personal items, chewing holes in things like wallpaper, books, boxes, paper, upholstered furniture, and carpets. Also, if given the opportunity they will feed on dry goods which are being stored in kitchen and pantry areas, contaminating them with their saliva and feces.

Why do I have a silverfish problem?

Silverfish are usually found in  homes for one of two reasons. First, they may have entered inside on their own, seeking food sources and a warm, humid environment to live inside of. Second, they are often accidentally introduced into homes through packages, boxes, and even used furniture or rugs that they are living inside of.

How do I get rid of silverfish?

For effective silverfish control, contact Montgomery Exterminating. Our Tulsa pest control technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to find all of the silverfish that are living inside of your home and to implement a treatment plan that results in their complete elimination. Reach out today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest exterminating services.


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