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Skiatook, OK Pest Control

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Skiatook is one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing, modern communities; it offers its residents safe neighborhoods to live in, plenty of places to shop and eat, and lovely parks to enjoy. Also, Skiatook is ideally located just a few short minutes from both downtown Tulsa and the beautiful Skiatook Lake. The Oklahoma pest professionals at Montgomery Exterminating offer affordable, dependable, and effective pest management solutions for residents throughout Oklahoma including Skiatook. Protect your family and property from the many insects and rodents that also live in Skiatook with the help of the experts at Montgomery Exterminating.  To learn more about our family owned and operated business and how our professionals can protect your Skiatook residential or commercial property from pests, get in touch with us today!

Residential Pest Control In Skiatook, OK

Let our Montgomery Exterminating family take care of your family and protect them from the possible damages and dangers that pests can expose them to. Our locally owned company understands Oklahoma pests and how to keep them out of homes and away from your loved ones. Our long-term solutions to residential pest problems include our year-round home pest control programs which include:

  • Home Bronze - This plan offers coverage for over 20 pests, service every month, exterior service every visit, interior service upon request, cobweb removal, and guaranteed protection.

  • Home Silver - This plan has everything that the above Home Bronze plan does plus the added benefits of termite control through the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

  • Home Gold - This plan has everything that the Home Silver plan does plus the added benefits of seasonal mosquito reduction and seasonal outdoor flea and tick control.

To learn more about our affordable solutions to keep pests out of your home, contact us today at Montgomery Exterminating.


Common Rodents In Skiatook, OK

Rodents are a very common pest problem and are found living and invading homes and properties all across the country. In our area, the house mouse, Norway rat, and roof rat are the most common rodent species that invade our spaces, cause damages and create undue stress. Rodents should be kept out of homes and businesses for several reasons including:

  • They will chew through wires, walls, pipes, and flooring and cause extensive structural damages.

  • They will chew through and damage personal items like shoes, clothing, pictures, books, boxes, furniture, and more.

  • They will contaminate surfaces, food, utensils, and plates with their urine and feces.

  • They will transmit serious diseases to people including hantavirus, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic diseases, and more.

  • They will introduce parasites like mites, fleas, and ticks.

To keep area rodents out of your Skiatook home or business turn to Montgomery Exterminating and our highly effective rodent control services. Our rodent control process involves a thorough inspection of your property to determine if rodents are present, and if so where and how they are entering. Our professionals will then tailor services that are specific to your property to ensure that any rodents living in your home or business are completely eliminated from your property. To ensure that rodents stay out of your residential or commercial property for good, put into place one of our year-round pest control programs. Whether you decide on our rodent-specific services or a year-round plan that takes care of a number of pests, you can rest easy knowing that your rodent problem will be resolved quickly.


Protect Your Skiatook, OK Business From Pests

Partner with Oklahoma’s commercial pest control experts at Montgomery Exterminating to protect your Skiatook business from the many damages that pests can inflict when living inside or near your commercial facility. Montgomery serves a wide variety of businesses and industries including:

  • Shopping centers

  • Restaurants

  • Office buildings

  • Schools

  • Daycares

  • Country clubs

  • Warehouse

  • Hospitals

  • And more

Montgomery Exterminating is proud to offer customized solutions to control and eliminate pests from any business. All of our experts and their over 70 years of combined experience are committed to solving your facility’s pest problems and exceeding your specific industry’s regulations. Don’t let the reputation of your business be threatened by pests for another day, contact Montgomery Exterminating!


Learn How To Avoid Termite Damage In Skiatook, OK

Deterring termites from choosing your Skiatook property to invade is a difficult task, but there are some changes that you can make around your property to create an environment that is less desirable for termites to live on or in. Termites are moisture seeking pests so reducing moisture in and around your home is key to deterring termites. Termite prevention tips include:

  • Having working gutters in place on your home

  • Running dehumidifiers in basement areas

  • Make sure that crawl spaces are properly ventilated

  • Using ventilated fans in all your home’s bathrooms

  • Removing water damaged wood from your home

  • Sealing any and all cracks and crevices that are found in your home’s foundation

  • Partnering with Montgomery Exterminating!

At Montgomery Exterminating we use and highly recommend the number one brand of termite protection-Sentricon® System with Always Active ™. This method of termite control does not require chemicals to be injected into the ground, instead just a few grams of bait are required. The bait is placed in stations which have been discreetly placed around your property. After Sentricon® with Always Active ™ is installed it begins to immediately work, quickly and successfully getting rid of current problems with termites and offering continuous, year-round protection against future infestations. To learn more about avoiding termite damage on your Skiatook property, contact Montgomery Exterminating today!


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