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Tulsa, OK Pest Control

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Family owned and operated, Montgomery Exterminating is located right in Tulsa and offers effective and affordable pest control services for both homes and businesses. With over 25 years of experience under out belts, we understand pests, the affects they have on structures, and the threats they pose to people.  That's why we've made it our mission to protect the Tulsa community from ants, mice, termites, and other pests that cause problems in Tulsa.    

Home Pest Control In Tulsa, OK

For home pest control services in Tulsa, you can count on our family to deliver solutions that keep pests out of your house and away from your family.  Offering three levels of pest protection, homeowners have the ability to choose a plan that suits their pest control needs and their budget.  While our home pest control plans vary by services, they all include visits every month, coverage for over 20 common household pests, and guaranteed protection.  If you're tired of seeing ants crawling across your kitchen, spiders building webs in the corners, or other pests infesting your Oklahoma home, reach out to Montgomery Exterminating to learn more!


Tulsa Termite Control
Featuring The Sentricon System

Did you know that every year in the U.S., termites cause more damage than fires, earthquakes, and storms - combined?  It's true and unfortunately, termite damage is not often covered by homeowners insurance because it is considered preventable. Here at Montgomery Exterminating, we have a keen understanding of termites, how they function, and we partner with the number one brand in termite protection to provide superior termite control in Tulsa.  The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, when installed around the perimeter of your home or facility, effectively stops termites from reaching your structure.  A termite baiting system developed by Dow Agro Sciences, the Sentricon System not only eliminates termite workers that have found a way inside, it completely destroys the colony- even the queen.  The Sentricon System not only eliminates the existing problem, it offers year-round control against these wood-destroying pests.  If you've discovered mud tubes on your foundation, have witnessed a termite swarm inside or on your property, or just want to make sure termites are not active in your structure, contact Montgomery Exterminating today.


Commercial Pest Control Services In Tulsa, Oklahoma

For commercial pest control services in Tulsa that protect people and property from insects and rodents, trust Montgomery Exterminating.  We've been in business since 1989 and our team has more than 70 years of combined experience in the pest control industry.  Bottom line - we know how to get rid of the pests that threaten your company's bottom line.  When you contact us, we'll work closely with you to identify your company's pest pressures, reduce existing pest activity, and prevent future infestations from occurring.  Trust your brand to the pest control company that has a zero pest tolerance and that is committed to quality service! 


No Matter The Pest, Montgomery Exterminating Can Help

In addition to the services mentioned above, our team of pest control technicians are well-versed in a variety of pest control services including:

If you're experiencing a pest problem in your home or business, contact Montgomery Exterminating right away.  


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