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There are few pests that can drive you as crazy as gophers can. When these furry pests come into your Tulsa yard, you're going to notice. Many of the problems they cause are hard to ignore. But they can also present threats that you won't immediately be aware of. Here is the scoop on gophers in Tulsa.

Problems You Can See

If you have a vegetable garden, you're going to hate gophers. They eat all kinds of vegetables and they can go right down a row eating peas, sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, lettuce, onions and more. But they're not limited to eating the vegetation we eat. They'll feed on bulbs, roots, seeds, tubers, grass and trees. All of the feeding activity is sure to get your attention. If you have a row of plants in your landscaping that are all the same height, and this is important to you, gophers can ruin your day. It can be difficult to replace plants and restore the visual aesthetic that was present before.

Potted Plants — A gopher won't be limited to eating vegetation that is planted in the ground. If you have potted plants near your home, you may find them missing when you wake up in the morning.

Holes — It isn't enough that gophers chew on all the vegetation in your yard, but they also dig unsightly holes. These holes will often look like a fan of piled dirt. Gophers often push dirt out to one side. If you have small piles and you go over them with a lawnmower, it can cause the dirt to spread out and smother your turfgrass. This can create bald patches of dirt in your beautiful lawn.

Parasites — This is an often-overlooked threat that gophers present when they come into Tulsa yards. As Lyme disease cases continue to climb at an alarming rate, ticks are becoming public enemy number one. While gophers spend much of their lives under the ground, they do come top side. When they do, they can pick ticks up. A single gopher can have more than a hundred seed ticks on its body. That's a lot of ticks for your cat or your dog to pick up while playing out in the yard. They can also spread Lone Star ticks which can get onto humans.  

Problems You Can't See

All the tunneling that these pests do can cause damage to underground infrastructures. If you have a sprinkler system or irrigation pipes, gophers may damage them. This will have you digging up your lawn to fix the damage. They can also burrow underneath utility cables, water lines and foundations. This activity can lead to costly repairs.

If you have a large open field on your property, the holes gophers create can present a threat for personal injury. A child running in a field can twist or break and ankle by stepping into a gopher hole. In tall grass, it can be very difficult to spot a hole before it's too late.

What Can You Do About Gophers in Tulsa?

If you're considering tackling this pest control problem yourself, we hope you'll reconsider. There are many pitfalls to attempting to control gophers without proper control products and training. You're likely to find yourself wasting money, time, and energy and continuing to have gopher damage.

The Smart Way to Stop Gophers

There are many reasons you should call Montgomery Exterminating when gophers invade your property. The most important reason is that we get results. Our expertly trained pest professionals know what is required to locate and remove ground-dwelling pests like gophers. Our team uses a process of inspection, treatment and follow up services to track down these pests. You're not going to be left wondering if your problem has been solved, and you're not going to be frustrated because you've spent a bunch of money and you still have gophers. We have a solid track record for solving gopher problems in the Greater Tulsa area.

Do you have questions? If so, we have answers. Reach out to us. We're here to help. If you're ready to schedule service, we can help you with that too. Get started with a free, no-obligation inspection.