Why Moles Invade and Destroy Tulsa Yards

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mole coming out of a hole in tulsa

Why do moles invade? Because moles eat constantly. This is because they can't store fat and they don't store food. They just keep tunneling and they just keep eating, all year long. The foods they prefer are earthworms, insects, insect larvae, and spiders. They have a particular fondness for the larvae of Japanese beetles, also known as grubs. If your Tulsa yard has been invaded by grubs, moles are going to find a target-rich environment. But getting rid of grubs isn't going to make your yard mole-proof. A healthy, grub-free lawn has lots of earthworms and insects, which are also quite appetizing to a mole. So how do you keep moles out? The sad truth is, you can't. The best you can do is recognize mole runs when you see them and deal with mole problems before those moles can do a lot of damage.

What kind of damage do moles do?

  • Moles can be horrible lawn pests. The surface tunnels they create (called runs) can sometimes be pushed up above the surface of the ground. These unsightly raised tunnels can look like lighting bolt patterns all over your lawn. Moles can create around 100 feet of tunneling in one day. That's a lot of unsightly raised tunnels that can form all over your yard.
  • Moles create exit holes. These are volcano-like mounds of dirt. You can go to bed one night and wake up with dozens of these piles in your yard. If you keep the dirt piles and stamp on the holes to seal them, you'll begin to add to your lawn damage. A lawn mower will spread that dirt around and it will begin to choke your grass.
  • As a mole tunnels under the ground, it can sever root systems. This can lead to dead grass and even dead ornamental plants. If a mole comes up under an ornamental plant, it can create a hole that will give rodents fast access to the bulbs of your plants.
  • If a mole tunnels around underneath a concrete slab, it can weaken the supporting soil and cause the slab to crack. This can lead to structural damage. Fortunately, this is rare.
  • When moles excavate tunnels under a lawn, those tunnels can cave in and holes can form which might lead to personal injury. Nothing can roll an ankle faster than a hole formed by a caved-in mole tunnel.

What To Do About Moles

There are a lot of mole-control ideas on the internet. Some of them are even based on control products and strategies that work. But the reality is, even mole control that works can be ineffective when employed by an untrained individual. In fact, you could make your problem worse if you do it wrong. One example of this is when a repellent is applied to a trouble area on a lawn and the mole is driven into another section of the property. This is where that statistic about moles tunneling 100 feet in a day starts to really sting.

The best solution for a mole infestation in Tulsa is to contact the mole experts at Montgomery Exterminating. Our team uses field-tested methods and trusted products to locate and remove moles. This service includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your property to determine what pest(s) you're dealing with and what services are needed to arrest the issue.
  • Proven control strategies will be implemented based on the severity of the infestation and other factors.
  • If monthly service is chosen, follow-up services are provided. Monthly inspections and routine treatments are performed to make sure moles are not allowed to do any damage on your property.

No Tulsa yard is safe from mole or gopher infestation. The only effective solution is ongoing monitoring and treatments performed by a trained and experienced professional. If you need mole or gopher service for your Tusla property, the team here at Montgomery Exterminating is here to help. Reach out to us today to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. We'll send a highly trained pest control professional right to your door. We've been protecting homes and businesses since 1989. Let our experience go to work for you.