Why Spiders Are A Year-Round Concern

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Common Places Spiders Hide Inside (and outside) Homes

house spider in an oklahoma home

"Everyone loves a good spider," is a saying no one ever says. Ever. And for good reason. The fact is, most people would rather not have to associate with spiders at all, "good" or otherwise. In regards to spiders being inside homes, you may think that in the winter time you're safe. You may think that all those spring and summer spiders have died off or are hibernating somewhere. But the truth is, they're still around. And some of them are right under your nose.

Let's take a look at some of the places you can expect to find spiders hanging out during each of the four seasons of the year.

Spring: Spring is the time of year when most baby spiders hatch because they hatch when the weather warms up. So it makes sense that spiders are very common, especially outside, in the springtime. But they're not very noticeable because they are small. Spiders can be found anywhere outside, but especially in areas where there are food sources for them. Most spiders eat other insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths, and butterflies. Other types also eat insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, and beetles. So it stands to reason, if you can reduce the number of these spider food sources, then you can reduce the number of spiders you have hanging around. In spring, house spiders that have been living inside walls do not move outside. House spiders prefer to live inside and will not ever move outside on their own.

Summer: In summer, all those baby spiders that hatched in spring will be growing bigger and getting ready to lay their own eggs. Outside spiders will be lurking in gardens, on webs built on homes, or anywhere else they may be able to catch a meal. House spiders will continue to live in wall voids, attic spaces, and anywhere they can hide. But they will continue to encroach on living spaces to build webs and catch prey, as long as there is prey available within your home.

Fall: This beautiful time is when most spiders lay batches of eggs inside egg sacs, where they will sit until the weather warms up and they hatch. This is also the time of year when the weather is turning colder and spiders, as well as a whole lot of other pests, will be trying to make their way into houses. Fall is an excellent time to seal up gaps and cracks in your exterior walls and foundation, as well as make other modifications to make your home less attractive to household pests.

Winter: Winter is the time when most outside spiders die off. But house spiders, which have taken up residence inside wall voids and other semi-warm places in homes and businesses, will go right on living, multiplying, and thriving. And the more food sources (insects spiders eat) that are inside wall voids, the more spiders will thrive. One good way to get rid of spiders is to get rid of the things they eat.

Immediate Protection From Spiders

One sure way to reduce spider populations in your yard is to reduce the insects those spiders eat. And to reduce those insects, it is necessary to reduce or remove the things that are luring those insects in.

  • Make sure all of your trash is in tightly sealed containers. The smell of trash lures insects in, garbage is a good food source for them, and it is a suitable breeding site for flies and other insects.

  • Reduce moisture around your property. Fix leaky spigots, make sure gutters are flowing property, and clear away overgrowth so that the sun can get in and dry things up.

  • Clear away leaf piles and other organic materials. If you have compost, keep it well away from your home.

  • Replace white outside lights with yellow, insect-resistant lights.

Long-Term Protection From Spiders

If you are looking for a more permanent, long-term (or easier) solution to keeping spiders away, contact a professional pest control company. If you live in our extensive service area, the pest experts here at Montgomery Exterminating will be happy to assist you. Call or click today.