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What do yellow jackets look like?

Yellow jackets have segmented bodies with thin, “pinched” waists. Their faces and heads are a combination of black and yellow, and their bodies have a black and yellow banded pattern on them. Yellow jackets are hairless. They have elongated wings, six legs that hand down when they are in flight, and two antennae. Yellow jackets are very social and are found living together in large colonies containing thousands of members.

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Are yellow jackets dangerous?

Yes, yellow jackets are very dangerous to both people and pets. They have the potential to deliver powerful stings multiple times. Receiving a yellow jacket sting is painful and results in a fairly large red welt being left behind. The venom that yellow jackets inject during the stinging process is powerful and has the potential to cause a severe allergic reaction in some people or pets. If an allergic reaction occurs, immediate medical attention should be sought. If a yellow jacket nest is on your property, take great care to avoid these stinging pests until they can be safely removed by a professional.

Why do I have a yellow jacket problem?

Yellow jackets are attracted to properties, which offer them a place to nest and feed. Their colonies are at their highest numbers in the late summer and early fall. During this period of time, they can be found frantically flying around searching for sources of food. They can become particularly problematic at outdoor events where food is served, being attracted by the sweets and proteins. Yellow jackets are most often found nesting in the ground, but are also, unfortunately, found nesting under the eaves of homes, behind walls, in chimneys, and inside attics where they can become a serious problem for you and your family.

How do I get rid of yellow jackets?

For effective yellow jacket control in Tulsa, contact Montgomery Exterminating. At Montgomery Exterminating we never recommend trying to take care of a yellow jacket infestation without the help of a trained professional. Our residential pest control technicians have the knowledge and experience to find the yellow jackets’ nest that is located on your property or in your home, and to implement a treatment plan that results in the elimination of your yellow jacket problem. Reach out today to learn more about our residential and commercial yellow jacket exterminating services or view our recommended service below.

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