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What do mosquitoes look like?

There are many types of mosquitoes but Asian tiger mosquitoes are the ones most common in Oklahoma.  Asian tiger mosquitoes have long segmented bodies, one pair of wings, and long thin legs. They are named for the black and white tiger-like pattern that is found on their bodies and legs. They also have distinctive white stripes running down the middle of their heads and backs. Compared to other mosquitoes, they’re not the biggest but they’re not the smallest either.

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Why do mosquitoes bite?

Interestingly enough, only female mosquitoes bite. They do so in order to take a blood meal which is essential for breeding. The blood female mosquitoes consume give them the protein required to develop eggs. Females must still find food since blood only helps with ovarian development and does not sustain daily life. Both male and female mosquitoes use their long thin nose to feed on the nectar of flowers; they use the carbohydrates from the nectar for their daily nourishment.

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world, mosquitoes carry and transmit disease to people and animals. In the United States and in Oklahoma specifically, St. Louis encephalitis, LaCrosse encephalitis, West Nile virus, western equine encephalitis, and eastern equine encephalitis are mosquito-borne diseases that we must be concerned about. The Zika virus has been a hot topic in the last year or so, and though the mosquitoes that carry it do live in some parts of our country, to date they are not typically found in our region. For up to date information regarding the Zika virus in Oklahoma, please visit the Oklahoma State Department Of Health.

Mosquitoes are also primary vectors of dog heartworm. 

Why are mosquitoes attracted to my yard?

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water (where female mosquitoes breed) as well as tall grass, dense overgrowth, and other areas where they can find relief from the sun and hot temperatures. If your property provides potential breeding sites and plenty of resting spots, you’re going to have mosquitoes. 

Properties with lots of flowering plants and trees can also attract mosquitoes since their main food source is flower nectar.

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

For relief from these biting pests, Montgomery Exterminating offers seasonal mosquito treatments. We’ll visit your property every month while mosquitoes are active (typically May – September) to treat for mosquitoes, paying close attention to where these pests breed and where they rest. In addition to ongoing Tulsa pest control while these pests are active, ME also provides one-time mosquito control services for weddings and other events held outdoors. To learn more about our solutions for mosquitoes, please contact us today!

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